Welcome beautiful beings, my name is Louise. I am a healer.

I want to thank you for connecting with me. For being here on planet Earth at this crucial time. For attending to your inner health, and building your wealth of wellbeing. 

Lets get to know one another before we talk about what distance healing is. 

I began my journey into spiritual exploration much like many lightworkers; ego death & dark night of the soul. I had been through many extremely trying circumstances in life - and had reached a breaking point. Something had to change. That something was me ~ how I viewed myself, the world, and my place within it. I could no longer ignore my emotions, or the deep questions I held around existence. There had to be more for me. It was time to dig deep. And dig deep I did. Still, I had no idea the journey I was about to embark on...

I began simply by saying 'Yes' to anything that sparked curiosity within me - regardless how that looked to the outside world. This new found path of empowered self exploration quickly lead me into hours upon hours of devoted exploration through spiritual, scientific and philosophical texts and teachings.


I engaged in deep healing practices - and still do - through shadow work, herbal medicine, energy healing, past life retrieval, holistic psychology and much more. This process created a series of perfect synchronicities through which I was lead right into the arms of my spiritual teacher. From whom, I earned my Diploma in Egyptian / Essene Distance Healing.

I began to learn about the Essenes. A revered ancient spiritual sect, whom had developed deep and powerful healing practices. Their teachings had been forced underground into secrecy in an act of preservation - thrust upon them by the religious powers of the time period. Essenian teachings were seemingly lost to the sands of time. 

That is, until 1945... A local, everyday man, exploring a cliffside cave In Qumran, Israel, made one of the most incredible discoveries in living memory: The Dead Sea Scrolls. Within the scrolls - The  powerful healing teachings of the ancients. At the perfect and most crucial time for humanity, Essene healing and wisdom was birthed once more into our world.


With the rediscovery of the scrolls and some devoted, hard working humans - this beautiful method of healing has begun its resurgence. I feel honoured to be a vessel for this sacred energy and even more honoured to share it with you.


So, let us begin our own explorations...


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Distance Healing - What is it?

Distance healing may sound like a confusing concept at first, but in practice it is very simple. Human beings are antennas, conductors of energy. When we learn how to not only receive, but harness that energy, we are able to perform healings remotely from anywhere in the world. 


Here's an excerpt from the National Science Foundation website which may help to explain this phenomena. 

"Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when a group of particles share spatial proximity in a way such that the quantum state of each particle of the group cannot be described independently of the state of the others, including when the particles are separated by a large distance."

It is common for us to understand that computers can receive information through means invisible to the eye, but less common for us to acknowledge that human beings can harness similar attributes. 

With that being said, lets go through some frequently asked questions around distance healing. Remember we always have a video call prior to our session for us to address any questions that may be arising for you.

"What can I expect during the healing?"
The experience itself is generally very pleasant, rejuvenating and cleansing. At its gentlest it is a spiritual massage. At its most profound you may experience a clearing of lower vibrational spiritual residues and thought forms, future or past life memories, physical healing, emotional clearing, psychological relief and a spiritual reset. 

"What does distance healing feel like?"
During the healing you may feel a deep sense of calm or peace coming over you, you may feel warmth or an energetic embrace, cessation of physical ailments such as headaches and digestive troubles, tingling, visualizations of the past or future, pleasant and relaxing sensations, a feeling of connection to source / light, chakras opening, a removal of weight or something heavy from you, you may even feel as if I am in the room working on your energy body. 

Please understand I do not see or experience anything that you do during the healing. Your experience is for you, and you alone. I am required to focus extremely strongly on bridging the energy which is being channeled to you. All you need to do is relax and open yourself to the healing as fully as you possibly can, and allow me to do my work. 

"Can you target a specific ailment?"
I send the healing to your higher self, whom then chooses how it is best applied. Our Earthly minds may have one idea, however the higher self has the birds eye view and knows what we need better than we ever could. This method ensures an outcome for you which is most in line with your personal healing journey and spiritual path. No healer can know you better than your higher self knows you. Nobody can heal you more effectively than you can. All you have to do is receive.

With unconditional love,